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The pieces exhibited here have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality and rarity.
Some pieces have been exhibited several times and should not be considered new.

Contact me to get a complete description of any piece you are interested in. 


Other art pieces will complete this selection regularly.

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Design Nicolas Aubagnac

Limited edition of 12 for each, signed and numbered

Rich mat textured lacquer on top combined with a glossy lacquer on base.

3 colors available :

blue | red | brown

H. 60 cm x Ø. 60 cm


A stylized nenuphar? An asteroid? The remains of a column?

The COMETE pedestal is a piece of purity, a jewel of lacquer, a future classic. Its timeless silhouette gives tribute to the materials used. A soft and delicate offset lacquer on the barrel, a grainy mineral lacquer on the top.

7,500 euros (ex-works factory • Paris, France)

Dining table

Design Nicolas Aubagnac

Piece N°1 signed

A limited edition with only 12 pieces, all signed and numbered.

Deep blue sky lacquer top on a strong hammered & patinated solid iron base

H. 75 cm x Ø. 170 cm


The ALADIN is as spectacular as a starred night-time sky in the summer!

Its tabletop of pigmented lacquer gives the effect of a mysterious and poetic milky way.

Its airy base appears to lift the stars.

Nicolas got his inspiration from a childhood memory: leaning over a well at night-time to look at the reflection of stars in the circle of water. 

Like him, have you never succumbed to the magic of such a celestial vault?

15,000 euros (ex-works factory • Paris, France)

Console table

Nicolas Aubagnac

Unique piece Signed

Rare and very sophisticated white ebony marquetry with glossy varnish Foots mounted on a chromed base

H. 75 cm x L. 180 cm

Ø. 60 cm


Vegetable calligraphy.

The ATYS console gives honor to a wood that is both exceptional and highly sorts after white ebony. This rare wood has a particular grain. It’s almost as if black lines have been painted on using Chinese ink, just like a manuscript or a work of calligraphy. The console’s frame makes you think of a bunch of leaves folded like an accordion. Much more than a console, an open book...

15,000 euros (ex-works factory • Paris, France)


Design Nicolas Aubagnac

Limited edition of 8 / piece N° 4 Signed and numbered

Structure in solid hammered brass, hand patinated Precious armillary sphere articulated and gold file.

H. 60 cm x Ø. 80 cm


During an exhibition at the famous Kugel brothers' gallery in Paris, Nicolas Aubagnac discovered the magic of the armillary spheres. These instruments were made during the Renaissance to explain and reproduce the movements of the solar system.


The great ones of this world have already collected these precious objects since the 15th century. Like a child fascinated by a mysterious toy, the creator wanted to design a pedestal table whose central ornament would be an articulated armillary sphere gilded with fine gold. Thus was born the Galileo pedestal table, in homage to the famous astronomer.

18,000 euros (ex-works factory • Paris, France)

Pair of cabinets

Design Nicolas Aubagnac

Limited edition of 3 piece

N°1&2 signed

Rich brown lacquered faces framed with dark walnut on a bronzebase Inside : 3 drawers stretched with red Bordeaux leather

H. 110 cm x L. 50 cm x P. 50 cm


A minimalist simplicity to its shape: a solid cube placed on top of an empty cube.

A tribute to materials. Our workshops invented a mysterious lacquer.  

The cabinet is covered in a precious lacquer that calls to mind an imaginary stone or shades of oven-baked enamel. The inside is completely sheathed in leather, and drawers emerge in which you can find special compartments.

The Orage Cabinet is a decorative piece of furniture that reminds you of jewelry boxes.

35,000 euros (ex-works factory • Paris, France)
Price for the pair


Design Nicolas Aubagnac

Limited edition of 3 | piece N°1 signed

Kaleidoscopic Macassar ebony marquetry framed with solid gaboon ebony

H. 145 cm x L. 125 cm

P. 52 cm


The Sinan cabinet acts as a tribute to the well-known Ottoman designer from Istanbul.  It conjures up oriental dreams from afar, dreams based on legends and fairy tales ...

It is made entirely in ebony from Macassar, the ultimate wood of nobility.  With timeless lines, the Sinan cabinet shines with all its precious attention to detail.  It has a perfectly sized frame that leads down to carefully sculptured feet, thus prolonging the elegant “Y” brace, with ebony shoes in the form of a bracelet.  The upper body of the cabinet, like a chest belonging to royalty, resembles Renaissance cabinets that used to contain jewelry, secret documents, and collections of exotic objects brought back from journeys abroad. 


A sumptuous ebony fresco spreads itself across the facade of the cabinet with horizontal grain that dances like folds in a richly embroidered cloth.  Surprisingly enough these ‘embroidery stitches, as it were, are in fact ebony marquetry assembled on an unusual hexagonal motif that brings to mind the movement of a kaleidoscope.

This geometric embroidery appears to both float and turn, just like an entranced, whirling dervish.

40,000 euros (ex-works factory • Paris, France)
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